I'm looking for a Twitter developer or development team, preferably
an organization with a track record and some depth. I'd like to hear
about the following and this is order of importance.

1. your existing server side development work -  need not be Twitter
specific, but talk to me about PHP, MySQL, stuff like that.

2. javascript skills necessary for creating a lightweight client

3. Twitter API usage under Windows and/or Mac - for the heavy lifting,
doesn't need to be developed for prototype.

   We're going to own the rights to the source code that comes out of
this unless the developer wants to use GPL or BSD style licensing. We
won't mind if it gets used elsewhere - we have a set of vertical
markets we address and we have no concerns over competition. I have an
ideological preference for the GPL and an operational preference for
things that can be easily installed and maintained on FreeBSD.

  Your interface on this project will be a mix of marketing and
technical staff. All are somewhat older and are experienced project
managers in their particular areas of expertise - there will be no
requests requiring negative latency inducers powered by dilithium
crystals and no time lines requiring thirty eight hour days. You'll
get ER diagrams and thoughts expressed in pseudocode along with
English language descriptions of the requirements.

  I wade armpit deep in hosting facilities and have not the slightest
interest in any sort of ASP type operation. I have heard rumors of
Microsoft trying to build a server operating system but I see no
demonstrated success in this area. Their browser is suitable only for
visiting http://getfirefox.com.

  Is that enough to get you started thinking? Email me and we can talk
confidentiality agreements.

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