Right now, retweets show up in the search API, but with the new retweet
system, it appears all retweets will be yanked from the search API, and
there will be no way to get all retweets that match a particular keyword.

This is a problem for my http://act.ly application.   It's Twitter
petitions, and one core piece of functionality is that people can sign the
petition simply by retweeting.  There's no need to go to the act.ly site, so
it works easily from mobile, etc.   To get these tweets, I hit the search
API every minute or so and pull back anything that matches "act.ly" and then
add them to the appropriate petition.

I need some API method to find out all the retweets that match "act.ly"
Pretty please!  Don't make me start a petition.  :)

Jim Gilliam

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