also some accounts aren't indexed by search (or stream/filter, either). 
I created an account for testing and it's posts don't get indexed
either.  You could be running into that issue.

Joseph Cheek,

retsoced wrote:
> okay. That helps a bit, but how about using json requests? like this
> one:
> I'm pretty new to this API and I'm a bit lost at this point. I can use
> the above search (using juitter) to get post from just about any
> account that I want, just not the one that I need which is posying
> through the API.
> On Sep 19, 9:15 am, Joseph Cheek <> wrote:
>> I ran into this problem too.  I adjusted mysearchto 
>> use - it seems to
>> work much better.  Searchisn't consistent and it isn't real-time.
>> Joseph Cheek
>> twitter:
>> retsoced wrote:
>>> I've been working on a small web app to be able topostto an account
>>> using theAPI, while also displaying those tweets in the same page
>>> page where they are being posted from. The problem I am having is that
>>> the tweets are being indexed by tthesearch, so all of the tools I
>>> have found to display a thread of tweets don't work because they don't
>>> return any data.
>>> The site I am working on ishttp://twanonymosuly.comwith the account
>>> twitter/twanonymously.
>>> What am I missing? Is there a way to authenticate that page to an
>>> account so that the posts will show up in asearch? Any ideas/help is
>>> greatly appreciated.

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