Hey there.

Everything was working fine until I got hit by loads of traffic from a
post on Mashable. I started to get way too much 502 errors for the /
statuses/user_timeline method. The API docs say 502 means "Twitter is
down" but Twitter is fine and this has been going on for three days

I have a developer account with 20,000 signed API calls, I output in a
debug log the current limit status plus the error code received. I
haven't gone lower than 16,000 calls left with 502 errors all around.
When applying for a dev account at Twitter I didn't mention my IP
address so I thought it was the problem, but since the API calls are
signed I don't think so.

I double checked with a simple unsigned cURL call from the server, and
get the following response for my IP address: 149/150 and it hasn't
got any lower than that.

Anybody had similar problems?

Thank you,
~ @kovshenin

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