hi tom.

if there is geo data, then the "near parameter" will be using that. if not, then it will use the location in the user's profile.

does that help?

Thanks. Am I correctly understanding that the near parameter uses the
location of the users profile and will not use the new geolocation api
lat/long data?

It is very unlikely that we would offer a publicly available method on
the streaming API that returned all geotagged statuses. It is much
more likely that we'll offer a parameter to the /1/statuses/filter
method that would be subject to the same limitations as the track
keyword. Such a feature is unscheduled. I wouldn't guess as to when
we'll get to such an implementation.

In the mean time, the Search API offers the near: parameter.

-John Kaluckihttp://twitter.com/jkalucki
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 I want to filter the firehouse to a subset of tweets that will have
valid geodata (lat/long).

hi tom.
what are you exactly asking? you can look at any of the timeline methods -- wherever there will be <status> object, there will be geo information if
there is geo information available.

does that help?

Something like statuses/geolocation that returns public statuses with
geolocation data? Thanks.....

Raffi Krikorian
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