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Twitter4J 2.0.10 is available for download.
It is(or will be) also available at the Maven central repository.
Snapshot builds can be found at:

This release contains support for incoming geo location API, and retweet APIs. Please note that geo location API, and retweet APIs are not publicly available yet and those features are not properly tested. You can start developing applications using those APIs, but it is strongly suggested to disable the feature until those new APIs go live.

As always, many thanks to the community members!

Release Notes - Twitter4J - Version 2.0.10 - HTML format
[TFJ-191] - getFriendsStatus shouldn't require authentication
[TFJ-196] - NullPoinerException in Response class on android platform
[TFJ-202] - multibyte characters don't show on Android platform
[TFJ-203] - /WEB-INF/twitter4j.properties never gets loaded
[TFJ-205] - NullPoinerException in HttpClient.equals()
[TFJ-212] - NullPoinerException in Trend#hashCode() and toString()
[TFJ-192] - TwitterStream needs a default constructor
[TFJ-209] - support new streaming API paths
New Feature
[TFJ-93] - SSL support
[TFJ-188] - support "Sign in with Twitter"
[TFJ-194] - support retweet methods
[TFJ-195] - support home_timeline method
[TFJ-197] - support geo location API
[TFJ-211] - getFollowersIDs() and getFriendsIDs() need to support cursor based pagination

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