Hi Chad,

You were right!Thanks for the hint.The point is:

1)I am moving to another hosting account and my new IP address is ,
but just for accepting the client connections.I have an outband IP -
probably NAT server or
some GATEWAY with IP address of

2) I already asked for whitelisting of and it was
approved.Then I understood that i need
whitelisting for and also asked for that but it was
rejected with no stated reason.

3)Probably your whitelisting team decided that this is not a
production system but note that it is
exactly regarding production migration, so i will really need  whitelisted so i can point
my current production domain to the new hosting account.

I know that this is a bit confusing but could you kindly help me to
resolve this issue.
I already sent another whitelisting request...i hope you will approve

Note that, i will let you now when migration finish so you can delete
the IP addresses that i do not longer need.

On Sep 18, 11:21 pm, Chad Etzel <c...@twitter.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> Are you absolutely sure that outgoing requests from your server are
> coming from the same IP you whitelisted? You will see an increased
> rate-limit on your personal account because that is the account you
> used to apply for whitelisting, so it will always have an increased
> limit no matter what IP it is using. Many hosting providers perform
> outgoing requests through a different IP (usually in some sort of NAT
> configuration).
> If you run
> curlhttp://jazzychad.net/iponly.php
> from your server do you get back the same IP?
> -Chad
> On Fri, Sep 18, 2009 at 8:03 AM, twittme_mobi <nlupa...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I have my ip whitelisted so it should get 20000 request per hour.
> > The point is that when i login in with my username to my twitter
> > application hosted on the specified IP - i get all the 20000 requests
> > per hour....but if i login with a different user name - i get only
> > 150.
> > My question is - shouldn't it apply for all the users using this IP ?
> > Isn't it that the purpose of the whitelisting?
> > My application will work fine only for my username?
> > You can find a test version of the app at -
> > Thanks.

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