Same thing here, it started to happen since yesterday. When doing
searches with parameter from:username and since_id, sometimes I got
the tweet with since_id back as well.

It only happens some times, not every time, so I suspect it's a bug
other than API change. Any idea?

On Sep 23, 9:40 am, James Teters <> wrote:
> Hello,
> This has just appeared in the last few days. When I perform a search
> with the search API I keep track of the newest status id so I can pass
> that back when doing the next query (as since_id) so that only tweets
> with a status id greater than since_id are returned. Oddly, beginning
> yesterday the search API started returning the status specified in
> since_id but only when I specify a from: parameter to limit the search
> to a specific user. It's like it is returning statuses >= since_id
> instead of > since_id when I add the from: parameter.
> Anyone else seen odd behavior when using from:?

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