Thanks for reporting this. If there is a way for you to capture
request/response logs when this happens it will help our search team
to track this down. Since it is happening inconsistently it may mean
that one of the servers is acting funny, and the HTTP headers could
help track that down.


On Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 4:42 PM, Beier <> wrote:
> Same thing here, it started to happen since yesterday. When doing
> searches with parameter from:username and since_id, sometimes I got
> the tweet with since_id back as well.
> It only happens some times, not every time, so I suspect it's a bug
> other than API change. Any idea?
> On Sep 23, 9:40 am, James Teters <> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> This has just appeared in the last few days. When I perform a search
>> with the search API I keep track of the newest status id so I can pass
>> that back when doing the next query (as since_id) so that only tweets
>> with a status id greater than since_id are returned. Oddly, beginning
>> yesterday the search API started returning the status specified in
>> since_id but only when I specify a from: parameter to limit the search
>> to a specific user. It's like it is returning statuses >= since_id
>> instead of > since_id when I add the from: parameter.
>> Anyone else seen odd behavior when using from:?

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