We are launching some code next week that will be using the API to
post updates for multiple twitter accounts.  In preparation for our
launch, I want to make sure that we're not going to get burned by rate
limits.  While reading over the documentation, a few questions came

My questions are as follows:

1) On this page --> http://apiwiki.twitter.com/Rate-limiting, it
states that updates via http post do not affect rate limits.

Yet, on this page.. http://help.twitter.com/forums/10711/entries/15364,
it states that ..there is a rate limit of "1,000 total updates per
day, on any and all devices (web, mobile web, phone, API, etc. )".

>From my understanding, this means that there is no restriction on how
many update requests come from a single IP.  There is, however, a
limit on how many updates a single account can post.

Is this correct?

2) I understand that there is a rate limit of 1000 updates per day per
account.  The documentation also states that getting whitelisted does
not remove this limit since this is done on a per account basis.  Does
this mean that there is no way to post more than 1000 updates a day
from a single account regardless of whether or not we get

3)  On the Whitelisting form, it states.. "Whitelisting is only
available to developers and to applications in production; all other
requests are rejected.".  Since our code is not actually live yet, but
is set to go live next week, does this mean that there is no way to
get whitelisted beforehand?  Also, if we were to get whitelisted
beforehand, do we have to do this per account, or per ip address?

That's all I have for now.  Thanks in advance for your time.

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