I recently got whitelisted for 3 IPs which is listed under one single
account. Does this mean that each IP will have a rate limit of 20,000
requests/hour for the REST API so collectively all 3 IPs should give
60,000 requests/hour for the REST API or does this mean that all 3
whitelisted IPs under one single account will have 20,000 requests/
hour for the REST API collectively? I used this command "curl -u
user:password http://twitter.com/account/rate_limit_status.xml"; to get
the rate limit status for each of the 3 servers with those IPs but it
seems like all 3 IPs have only 20,000 requests/hour collectively. I'm
a little confused about this because initially I thought that each IP
whitelisted should give me an additional 20,000 requests/hour but
maybe I'm wrong so I would greatly appreciate it if someone can answer
this or show me a better way of querying for the rate limit status of
each individual server.

Many thanks to the benevolent stranger(s) for answering this...

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