While valid URLs, both "http://is.gd/3HsuO,<a" and
"http://is.gd/3HsuO,%3Ca"; give 404 errors when followed, while
"http://is.gd/3HsuO"; gets a page view.

You have to validly delimit URLs when you include them in tweets. If
twitter did a shortening on you, then they may have a problem. If you
did the shortening (which I think is the case, twitter would have used
http:/bit.ly/...) then you need to be more careful when you compose your

I could be all wrong about this, but I hope it helps.

Jim Renkel

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My tweets all have broken links right now.
here are a few of them:
http://is.gd/3HsuO,<a encoded as http://is.gd/3HsuO,%3Ca
http://is.gd/3HjBL,<a encoded as http://is.gd/3HjBL,%3Ca
http://is.gd/3HjfP,<a encoded as http://is.gd/3HjfP,%3Ca

can you look at this issue, please?
Thanks in advance,
Best Regards

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