In working with the new "cursorized" statuses/friends and statuses/
followers methods, I noticed that in the block of users returned by
these methods that contain the last of the users following or followed
by the requesting user, the next_cursor value is "0".

Is this a reliable, guaranteed indicator of the last block of users,
that there's no point in going further 'cause there ain't no further?

If so, will the value always be exactly "0" (although without the
quotes in the responses, i.e., is a string comparison for "0" safe, or
could it be "000", say, in which case a conversion to numeric and a
numeric comparison for 0 would be necessary. I would certainly like it
to be the former!

Either way, string or numeric, if this is a reliable indicator of the
last block of users, the documentation should be updated to reflect

Thanks in advance.

Jim Renkel

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