Marcel Molina wrote:
> The above payloads don't contain a "retweet_count" element yet and
> they probably will. Other than that we don't suspect any more major
> changes as we approach a full public launch. As always, though, we're
> open and solicitous of everyone's feedback.

This is a great improvement over the previous way.

Is Twitter going to still merge retweets of the same tweet together in the
website UI? I think merging is a good idea when a tweet is re-tweeted by
multiple people in a short amount of time, but it causes problems with the
temporal presentation of timelines. I would like my app to be consistent
with the website, so more information about your plans for the website UI
would be very helpful.

How will this be encoded in in the home timeline XML/JSON?:

      A: hello, world

      B: RT @A hello, world

      C: RT @B RT @A hello, world

      D: RT @C RT @B RT @A hello, world

Also, replies and re-tweet merging do not interact well with each other:
what do you set in_reply_to_status_id to? In which timelines does a reply to
a re-tweeted tweet show up in?


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