Sorry ignore me, lack of sleep and I missed the <text> tag outside the
<retweet_status> one!

On Oct 1, 2:57 am, "Brian Smith" <> wrote:
> Marcel Molina wrote:
> > The above payloads don't contain a "retweet_count" element yet and
> > they probably will. Other than that we don't suspect any more major
> > changes as we approach a full public launch. As always, though, we're
> > open and solicitous of everyone's feedback.
> This is a great improvement over the previous way.
> Is Twitter going to still merge retweets of the same tweet together in the
> website UI? I think merging is a good idea when a tweet is re-tweeted by
> multiple people in a short amount of time, but it causes problems with the
> temporal presentation of timelines. I would like my app to be consistent
> with the website, so more information about your plans for the website UI
> would be very helpful.
> How will this be encoded in in the home timeline XML/JSON?:
>       A: hello, world
>       B: RT @A hello, world
>       C: RT @B RT @A hello, world
>       D: RT @C RT @B RT @A hello, world
> Also, replies and re-tweet merging do not interact well with each other:
> what do you set in_reply_to_status_id to? In which timelines does a reply to
> a re-tweeted tweet show up in?
> Thanks,
> Brian

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