Good morning,

hope all are well.

While twitter successfully gets rid of many spam tweet  through the
means of account suspension it seems that these spam tweets have a
future life in web services which perform regular live searches
through the twitter API and store the tweet results in their database
for whatever later usage. (at least they live happily in the database, the web site I am running).

In order to get rid of these annoyances it would be great if twitter
could make a list of suspended twitter accounts available in regular
manner (daily,weekly). While this would be very helpful for
application like twopular it would also help to make spamming on
twitter less attractive since spammer obviously are very happy about
their tweets remanifesting on many twitter based web sites which show
"historical tweets".

 I just start thinking about how to get twopular  a bit more spam free
so by posting this here I also hope to hear what means other twitter
API users
 have developed to get rid of spam tweets they collect through the
twitter search API.


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