On Fri, Oct 2, 2009 at 5:28 PM, Chad Etzel <c...@twitter.com> wrote:
> The + character is not a searchable token in the Search API, so your
> search of "%2Bt" will only return results with a lone 't' in the
> result.

That much I'd figured out :)

Is there any possibility of allowing it to be searched though?

The reason I ask is that it's not being used as a logical AND in
search strings as the default action is that one.

e.g. searching for (excluding the quotes) "games design" and searching
for "games +design" returns the same results.

Also, there's no indication in the API docs that say that the +
character is not searchable.  There's a reasonable number of other
tokens described but nothing to tell the developer that the +
character is not available.

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