Hi Tomas,

thanks for the reply!
the social graph methods are too heavy for such a simple operation.
I have to check if user is followed every time that a profile is
visited so
i would now where to put "Follow" or "Unfollow" button.It is not
to execute the social graph methods every time, because sometimes
users might
have thousands of followers.Isn't it the friendship/exists method that
needs to be fixed,
after all, it is just for checking if user is followed or not..

Thanks!Your opinion is welcome!

On Oct 3, 2:20 pm, Thomas Hübner <thueb...@gmx.de> wrote:
> you have the social graph methods which deliver ID's. Unfortunately the
> same API call for screennames is missed - so you never can make
> comparings with search API results because there is no userID in.
> friends/ids
> followers/ids
> cheers,
> Thomas
> twittme_mobi schrieb:
> > Hi guys, i tried friendship/exists but it throws an
> > error when the user is protected.How should i accomplish this task
> > with the API?
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