the problem is that a friendship exist is an "expensive" API Call (of
150 possible per hr) I do not know what kind of Application you plan but
for my client App I load the ID's of followers with one API call and
keep this list in memory. If a status become loaded I compare the
icluded UserID with the list and switch the menues depending on
containing this ID or not. This is much faster then request the API each

Only situation which is not working for are search calls because the
delivered result (ATOM) does not contain any userID which is a fail

twittme_mobi schrieb:
> Hi Tomas,
> thanks for the reply!
> the social graph methods are too heavy for such a simple operation.
> I have to check if user is followed every time that a profile is
> visited so
> i would now where to put "Follow" or "Unfollow" button.It is not
> reasonable
> to execute the social graph methods every time, because sometimes
> users might
> have thousands of followers.Isn't it the friendship/exists method that
> needs to be fixed,
> after all, it is just for checking if user is followed or not..
> Thanks!Your opinion is welcome!
> On Oct 3, 2:20 pm, Thomas Hübner <> wrote:
>> you have the social graph methods which deliver ID's. Unfortunately the
>> same API call for screennames is missed - so you never can make
>> comparings with search API results because there is no userID in.
>> friends/ids
>> followers/ids
>> cheers,
>> Thomas
>> twittme_mobi schrieb:
>>> Hi guys, i tried friendship/exists but it throws an
>>> error when the user is protected.How should i accomplish this task
>>> with the API?
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