Got it. So all the tweets in a user_timeline or in the status /users/
show api call do originate from the owner of the twitter account
(could be a new tweet or a reply).

Thanks you for all your comments!

On Oct 6, 10:44 am, Damon Clinkscales <> wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 6, 2009 at 11:11 AM, JK <> wrote:
> > Both API calls show replies from followers. I just want the tweets
> > posted by the owner of the twitter account.
> > For example, take a look at TO 
> > -
> > At the time I am posting this, the last status shows:
> > <text>@Speaker1234 wassup? Hv a good day</text>  which was posted by a
> > follower.
> > How do you you go about just obtaining the tweets for just the account
> > owner?
> JK,
> You're confusing tweets FROM others with tweets TO others.  The tweets
> for user_timeline which begin with @ are the specified user's replies
> TO other people.  If you don't want to see those replies they've sent
> TO other people, then you'll need to scan recent tweets and look for
> the last tweet that does not begin with @.
> -damon
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