So a user comes to the site and I need to build their social graph.  I
have two options.

1) Use followers/ids and get ids of all their followers 5,000 at a
2) Use statuses/followers and get profiles of all followers 100 at a

Ids alone don't really do me much good.  So option 2 is more efficient
for me (unless there's a batch user fetch api I'm unaware of).

That being said, if a user has 10,000 followers (not uncommon) then I
have to make 100 API calls to fetch profiles for all the followers.
Not a big deal.  Except, Twitter gives me random errors.  Sometimes
it's a 502 and other times a 400.  I'm not confident that I won't
randomly receive a different 4xx or 5xx response.

I tried to put code in place so that on 5xx responses that I would
*continue* and retry the request.  That's when I got a 400 response.
I have yet to fetch someone's entire graph using a sample account with

Has anyone successfully migrated to cursors and consistently pulled
down a large (>10k) graph?

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