Get used to receiving random 502 (and other response codes) from the
Twitter API.  If you don't know exactly what the code means I suggest
retrying it.  If it's explicit that you're being rate limited then
wait before you retry.

On Oct 9, 5:12 am, Zamite <> wrote:
> Hey there,
> I'm posting this because I'm concerned with the possibility of
> exceeding the rate limit and so I would like advice on what to do.
> I have an application that does several queries to the Search API on
> several Geocode locations.
> The twitter Search API documentation clearly states that if I hit a
> 503 status code I should (and I do) have my application wait the time
> specified in the "Retry-After" header.
> However I haven't yet hit any 503 status codes, instead I'm receiving
> a few 502 http status codes with the infamous "Time out!" whale
> message. My question is:
> How should I process these?
> Since there is no "Retry-After" header on 502 codes I can't know how
> much time to wait. Will it influence my rate limiting, and get me
> banned if I ignore them? How long should I wait before the next
> request? (a few seconds, minutes, until the next hour?)
> Would appreciate any input I could get on this :)
> Thank you.

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