So, I am hearing from a few people that they have advanced preview
access to the Lists API, the feature that was announced recently. It
is a cool thing to see a steady stream of feature additions in the
pipeline. I look forward to adding Lists to Nambu.

First, please confirm that this is true, that some people have access
to these APIs while the rest of us don't even know what the feature
set actually is, and what we will be possible via the API.

Second, if true, can Twitter please at least publish these APIs as
beta specifications as you have done with the retweet APIs, so the
rest of us second-tier developers can at least see what they will
*exactly* be? With that we can at least prepare implementations.

I all really want to know is what lists will *exactly* be as offered
by the Twitter API. At the moment many of us that are not blessed
services dont even know what they are, let alone have a chance to
already build features on top of them, while those are that are
blessed are already working on them.


Eric Woodward

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