What are you going to do when Twitter makes a huge unannounced change
to their API in, say, 3 months and totally alters everything?  It has
happened before; it will happen again!  This isn't a particularly
mature platform to be writing about, especially with a publication
date 6+ months away!

On Oct 9, 2:42 pm, Andrew Mager <andrew.ma...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I am co-authoring a book about the Twitter API, and I was wondering if
> any of you guys wanted to write a chapter.
> The book will be in the SAMS 24 hour series, and it's scheduled to be
> released mid-next year.
> Here is our tentative table of contents:
> Introduction to Twitter
> An overview of Twitter and Microblogging
> Common Types of Twitter Applications
> Key Issues to Consider when Developing Twitter Apps
> Overview of Twitters's API structure
> The API is HTTP-based
> The API uses Representational State Transfer (REST)
> There are pagination limits
> The Twitter API supports UTF-8 encoding
> Getting Started with the API
> Setting up an environment
> Making your first API call
> Parsing the reply
> Message, date, author, image
> Creating a simple display
> Setting up an application framework
> Creating a twitter Class
> Various twitter libraries are available
> PHP Class used in this book
> Modifing our class
> Twitter Error messages
> What each error code means
> Modifing our twitter Class
> Passing credentials to twitter
> Standard method (HTTP)
> Using cookies (create, retrieve, delete)
> OAuth
> Sending and Receiving messages from Twitter
> Creating a basic twitter client
> Sending messages in twitter
> Twitter search
> Dealing with Twitter downtimes and errors
> Twitter Beyond the API
> Future of Twitter
> Example Applications
> Other Mashup Twitter Services
> Twitter Etiquette
> Ping me directly if you are interested! andrew.ma...@gmail.com

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