Hello all,

I pass text from a POST variable from a form on my site to Twitter and
I save this message on my own site. When I view the entry on my site
it is absoultly fine. However, in some cases when there is an
apostrophe in the message twitter updates the status of a user but
escapes the apostrophes and this can be seen on the users status!

This doesn't happen when I update my twitter status on the twitter
site. So I am wondering is there a way I need to pass text to twitter?

I currently do this and I make use of this awesome Twitter class.

$success = $twitterObj->post_statusesUpdate(array('status' => $_POST

In addition, passing URLs to twitter use to automatically link the URL
but now this just appears as text?

Has twitter made changes in the past month that would cause the above
to happen? If not how can I overcome this?

Thanks all

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