Is Twitter crazy?! Have they even looked at their own user, market,
and competitor information?

Twitter has said they are actively pursuing businesses (and bloggers)
and doing away with recurring tweets does away with key business
value. Besides, there are technical solutions to this problem, so why
implement a blanket policy that will negatively impact Twitter and its

I just blogged my reasons, based on data, for why this is such a BAD
idea. "Dear Twitter, please don't kill your market"

On Oct 13, 1:31 pm, JDG <> wrote:
> Yes, and should be treated as such. I personally detest all those stupid
> twitter-based games. Point is, with Twitter's userbase, some get through the
> cracks. Don't like it, report it. This is like complaining that cops only
> pull over SOME speeders. Yeah, some are going to get through the cracks.
> On Tue, Oct 13, 2009 at 14:29, PJB <> wrote:
> > > For the sake of argument, let's take this at face value as true. How
> > > about the search pollution issue with recurrent tweets in general?
> > You may have a point.  But it comes down to uneven enforcement.
> > Twitter smacks down an app because they allow an individual to recur,
> > say, every Monday: "Today is Monday and my office hours will be from
> > 2:15-3:30pm".
> > Meanwhile, you have apps which do things like this:
> >
> > Aren't those effectively recurring tweets?
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