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On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 5:45 PM, Bolaleman <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a "hobby" online affiliate marketer making ultimately quite some
> extra cash with a strategy called "Niche Affiliate Marketing". I
> wonder if I could use Twitter to promote the products but I doubt that
> this would work out using this platform. As I understant how Twitter
> works (and I am using it now for several weeks), it has only limited
> effectivity as marketing tool as people are basically using this
> platform to chat and to make contacts but for commercial purposes.
> Somebody has experience using Twitter as tool for marketing their
> product?
> Here is an explanation of Niche affiliate marketing I used in an other
> forum:
> Niche affiliate marketing is a proven way to identify smaller and more
> tightly focused segments of a larger market. This method of
> identifying smaller markets is a key way to make money with a company
> called Clickbank. Niche affiliate marketers identify whether the
> customers in that niche are willing to buy and then, in turn,
> marketing to them in a manner that persuades them to do business with
> you. These smaller markets are often overlooked by other markets.
> Niche affiliate marketing means focusing on a certain target market
> that is smaller and more specific.
> One main service that successful niche affiliate marketers use for
> products to promote to their niche is Clickbank. Clickbank offers
> thousands of digital products that you can sell for VERY high payouts.
> Signup is completely FREE and there are a lot of free tools teaching
> you how to start making money promoting others products online (as
> affiliate) or let others promote your product, only paying a
> commission when your affiliates (promoters) are making a sell. Best of
> all: there are really no costs involved with this program. The only
> cost would be the creation of a digital product (i.e. website hosting)
> if you decide to start as a promoter of your own online product.
> This is the link to the clickbank Niche Marketing program for
> resellers:
> If you are really interested in making money online you need to dig
> into this website and you will be surprised on the potential of the
> strategies described there.
> Why is it free? Clickbank makes its money by charging rather small
> fees for each sale you make or your affiliates make. It’s the quantity
> of sold products that make these guys richer and richer each day – and
> if you like – also you.
> Bolaleman

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