I'm the author/maintainer of Net::Twitter, the perl library for the
Twitter API.  I have an account, @net_twitter, I use to communicate
with the users of the Net::Twitter module.  Several times (most
recently, today), the account has been reverted to its state on or
about May 30, 2009.

I'm posting here in hopes of getting the attention of someone at
Twitter who can help.  I've reported the problem to Twitter support
each time it has occurred, but it always gets handled as a forgotten
password issue, which it is not.  The handling seems to be almost
entirely automated, so I'm not sure anyone has actually read the
details of my reports to support.

The original author/maintainer of Net::Twitter is Chris Thompson.  He
established the @net_twitter account.  When I rewrote the Net::Twitter
module, and Chris handed off maintenance of the Net::Twitter namespace
to me, he also changed the password of the @net_twitter account and
handed it off to me.

I changed the associated email address, password, url, and other
settings.  But every few weeks, Twitter reverts the account to the
values it had back in May.  That happened again, today, for at least
4th time.

In order to regain access to the account, I have to contact Chris each
time this happens and have him reset the password. Then I change the
email address, password, url, etc. all over, again.

The password reset isn't useful to me, since it doesn't send mail to
the address I saved in settings---it's sent to the address Chris
Thompson had set back in May.

What's causing the account reversion?  Can it be fixed?  Twitter,
please contact me.

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