I too would like to know what is going on here, some high profile
people are tweeting about lists and how they work, yet none (well
maybe none) of us have any idea how we could integrate this into our
apps yet.

Yet at the same time the ReTweet api docs have been around for a
while, they are being tested and not rolled out yet.

On Oct 16, 5:09 am, Eric Woodward <e...@nambu.com> wrote:
> Hmm. Ok, thats is obviously fair enough, in theory. You obviously need
> to test and debug something with a subset of traffic. But Lists are
> operational now on twitter.com which serves millions, so it seems you
> are well down that road, yet no API, no draft API methods to review
> like we have for retweets, nothing. Services contact me to integrate
> services they developed on top of Lists meaning they have had access
> to the API for weeks, or more.
> Basically, you are rolling out critical platform improvements that
> many of us don't have access to. I am not sure what the point of being
> a Twitter developer is if you dont give us all fair access to key
> elements of the service.
> You have also created a small nightmare for those us that implemented
> a version of Lists/Groups that is now starting to confuse users.
> Basically, from what has been going on from the bit.ly transition to
> suggested users lists to preferential access to stream APIs to free
> advertising/endorsements for some to now giving access to the Lists
> API to selected people, I could write a book on how to not manage an
> ecosystem using Twitter as the prime example.
> Please please at least give us a draft API to review for Lists as you
> have done for Rewteets so we can at least *plan* a transition from our
> own Groups implementations, or how we will coordinate the two features
> based on the API methods. You have people building services on opt of
> the Lists API and pitching me to include it in Nambu, so it is
> obviously a lot further along you are letting on here.
> --ejw
> Eric Woodward
> Email: e...@nambu.com
> On Oct 15, 4:19 pm, Marcel Molina <mar...@twitter.com> wrote:
> > We are rolling it out to a small set of users incrementally so that we
> > can load test and find bugs. We've been working on the API
> > documentation and will be rolling it out gradually.
> > On Thu, Oct 15, 2009 at 4:10 PM, Eric Woodward <e...@nambu.com> wrote:
> > > So, what is the plan for releasing the Lists API, if there is one? It
> > > is well known that selected people have access to them while the rest
> > > of us do not, which is creating a problem with users. Is there a plan
> > > to release these APIs to everyone soon?
> > > Please respond. I am only asking.
> > > --ejw
> > > Eric Woodward
> > > Email: e...@nambu.com
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