Correct, error 0 means no data was returned, and that the timeout in curl was hit, which I have set to 10 seconds. I am seeing about 5 of these per Admin block 24 hours, out of around 300 calls per 24 hours.

I see a lot more of them when I see more of the 502 errors, which seems to tell me that when twitter is over capacity there is a tendency for them to completely close down the port for communication all together.

What is annoying about this, is that is fine during all this, their public timeline works 100%, yet my API driven calls to the public timeline are getting error 0 and 502 many times per day.
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On Oct 15, 2009, at 1:45 PM, JDG wrote:

i think http 0 in curl just means the connection failed. should probably just retry.

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