When adding a user to a list, only the numeric id appears to work, eg:

   curl -k --user epc:pass -d id=7758742 --url 
works, but
   curl -k --user epc:pass -d id=enorlin --url 

results in a 500 Internal Server error.  I tried swapping "userid" and
"screen_name" for "id" and get a 400 Bad Request back:
   curl -k --user epc:pass -d user_id=enorlin --url
   curl -k --user epc:pass -d screen_name=enorlin --url
   <error>You must specify a member</error>
(which is what I'd expect for "id=enorlin" instead of the 500).

Also, if you pass in the authenticating user's numeric ID you get back
either a 503 or 502 (bad gateway) error, eg:
   curl -k --user epc:pass -d id=420363 --url 
however it does appear to add the user to the list.  Note that once
added, the user can't be removed from the list via the current lists

If you try to add a user who has blocked the authenticating user, you
get a 403 "<error>You aren't allowed to add members to this list</
error>" which is slightly misleading, you're not allowed to add THIS
user to the list.

If user "A" has added user "B" to a list, and user "B" blocks "A",
that appears to remove "B" from A's list permanently, even if the
block is removed.  Is that working as designed?

What are the rules for converting a list's name into the slug/URI?
Just a conversion to "safe" URL characters?

Couple of ideas:
 - allow mass additions of userids/screen names to lists, or maybe
10-20 at a time
 - allow lists to have a tweet-like tag line (the intent being to
describe the list)
 - don't groan, but allow geotagging of lists. Ok, groan.

-ed costello

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