And still waiting on a response. More information from a associate:

Subject: Re: Do you know what is being counted toward "query length"

Yeah, because your using twitter search and not api!

An Api String would be

For Geo Locations

For Since...

On Oct 17, 2:29 pm, leonspencer <> wrote:
> Still waiting for a response here. I tried a query with the Twitter
> Advanced Search 
> tool:
> When I strip away the parameter names and operators, this is the
> values stringed together:
> AllofthesewordsThisexactphraseAnyofthesewordsNoneofthesewordsThishashtagenleonspencerleonspencerleonspencer15mi2009-10-072009-10-1815
> Length is at 133 but still getting error from the advanced search:
> "Sorry, your query cannot be more than 140 characters long (it is 161
> characters). "
> So I don't know what it is counting.

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