Not sure I understand, you mean like this one:

Either way, text only widget, you being on a developer mailing list, I am sure in all honestly, a few lines, maybe 10 lines or so, and you could have a widget to your liking.

Whatever old widget your refer to, has to be in use by others, they could not just take it away, as that would break everyones sites who included it in their website.

I suspect they may have moved it elsewhere, but I am certain the old widget still works. There are also 10's of websites that have twitter widgets, from simple to complex.

Did your widgets stop working? If not, just copy the source from those and keep using them, they will continue to work.
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On Oct 17, 2009, at 10:13 PM, Jonathan Timar wrote:

I am referring to the text only version of this: ,
which is oddly still present on the Twitter website (I found it after
some in depth Googling) but no longer linked to or referenced in any
way, in favour of this page: which features
some far less useful and customizable widgets.

What is the reasoning behind this? Does Twitter really think that
there is no demand for a simply, fully CSS styleable widget?

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