Hi I'm Sam from Twicli.com

We currently support photo, video, audio and set sharing.

Will be announcing the ability to sell your photos/videos at some
point (as it will integrate with the Marketplace that will soon be
coming to Picli.com). Will definitely investigate using TwitPay as a
payment option.

sam...@gmail.com if you wana chat and brainstorm.

On Oct 19, 8:32 pm, Michael Ivey <michael.i...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi folks, as you may know, Twitpay has a simple and safe mechanism for
> making payments between Twitter users.
> What you may not know is that we have an API that you can use to enable and
> track payments from your application, and even to collect a percentage for
> yourself. The payments are all fulfilled via PayPal, and neither you nor
> Twitpay has access to any of the funds, so your users don't have to worry as
> much about the trust involved in sending money.
> We're opening this API up to app developers very slowly, but we're ready for
> a few more. If you're interested, please email me off-list (
> mich...@twitpay.me) and tell me which app you work on. We're especially
> interested in working with content sites: anyone doing really cool things
> with images, video or audio?
> If you have any questions, feel free to ask 'em.
>  -- ivey

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