They were piling up, it is not my routine to call them every minute, but what happens is I have a 10 second timeout on the curl call, another request comes in, but it is chewing away on the 10 seconds, and they just build up. I have resolved this with some backoff code.

I am calling the public timeline 4 times a minute. I read about the "cached for 30 seconds", which is just not accurate, the public timeline is updated often. I see it updated on every call, you can call it 60 times in a minute, and will get 60 different result sets.

Unless there is a way to pull more than 20 at a time, and I am just getting batches outside the 20 I last called. I did not see the number of results returned as something I can control in the API.

I mentioned the frequency in which I was calling the public timeline in my whitelist request, and there was no issue with it. I can not use the streaming API as it does not give me the same type of data I am after.

I am going to move down to once every 30 seconds, as it seems four times every 60 seconds does not provide me any more value in the data I am parsing, and just fills the database up with 2x as much data to get the same result.
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On Oct 20, 2009, at 6:09 AM, John Kalucki wrote:

Slightly off topic, but why are you calling the public timeline 10
times a minute? It's only updated once every 30 seconds. If you want
more public statuses, you should be using the Streaming API.

-John Kalucki
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On Oct 20, 12:44 am, Scott Haneda <> wrote:
This is getting out of hand, I am getting 10 a minute.  I guess it is
time to write that back off code that I figured would not be needed on
the public timeline.
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On Oct 19, 2009, at 3:06 PM, Michael Steuer wrote:

I've been seeing fail whales on the site as well.. Something must be

On 10/19/09 3:03 PM, "Scott Haneda" <> wrote:

I am calling the public timeline once every 60 seconds.  Today has
been a bad day, 26 total 502 errors since 12:21 PST to now.  http
public timeline is fine on the website. Any ideas when this is going to be resolved, or if it is even something that Twitter is aware of?
If not, heads up :)

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