Like I have mentioned privately to someone:

"Can I then make a next best suggestion that is most easy to implement
and yet effective? It has been suggested more than once. Post an
update to Even a short message. Give us something
to retweet, to forward to users. If you want to know the impact on 3rd
party developers, go to iTunes App Store on your iPhone (I assume you
use one) and read the top few reviews for SimplyTweet. They mention
performance problems and loading errors of SimplyTweet. <snip>. Tell
me how this doesn't hurt us?

Do you not agree that not posting updates under situations like this
(where you know it has been under heavy load for a couple of days)
reflects policy rather than lack of 3rd party developer support
resources? If fact, I'll be blunt and say that this policy directly
suggests to me, as a 3rd party developer, that Twitter doesn't care
about us and is even letting us help shield Twitter from user


On Oct 22, 12:29 am, Michael Steuer <> wrote:
> No, seeing the same since Saturday. @rsarver said on Sunday morning he would
> post information to the group once they knew what was causing all this, but
> I guess 4 days later they still don't know, as we haven't heard anything...
> On 10/21/09 9:05 AM, "RandyC" <> wrote:
> > I have been seeing enormous numbers of 502's and 500's for API calls
> > from Qwest DSL business, Rackspace, and Amazon Cloud instances since
> > Saturday through today.  Working through the UI to log into accounts
> > is equally painful with constant fail whales after two to three
> > attempts.  Seems like a couple of bad hair days so far and very
> > difficult to get much done.  I'm surprised more people aren't talking
> > about this unless we're the only ones affected.

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