To my recollection, for search with since_id to work properly, the
tweet id must be in the search index.  In this case:

does not yield the "Dinner, movie, drinks." tweet in the index.

As an aside, I did an "exact match search" on that phrase above and it
returned many results that are not exact matches. But that's a
separate issue.

You could file an issue about the fact that the results coming back
are not always consistent, but the first thing I would do is make sure
that I am using a since_id that actually exists in the search index.
Granted this can be a bit of a pain to verify this 100% of the time
because sometimes tweets do not end up in the search index (which
appears to be the case here). But in my experience, most of the time,
they do.  So as a test, pick a tweet you know is in the index and make
some calls with it over a period of time.  See if the results are


On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 9:06 AM, Christopher Warren
<> wrote:
> We have an app that runs searches regularly, and recently stopped
> receiving new tweets. After investigating we found a search
> combination that seems to break the search API. Instead of getting a
> response with no tweets, an .atom request errors and a .json request
> 404s.
> Changing the query to not use from:username works as expect, but I've
> put several usernames in and they all respond the same way. I haven't
> managed to narrow down the cause of the problem much further than
> that, but we're handling it in our code by rescuing any failed
> searches and appending since: with the date of the most recent tweet
> to the q.
> Any thoughts on what might be causing this would be appreciated.

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