Ok cool thanks. So is there any method to see what user was authorized
to get to the callback url before rerequesting an access token. Im
using twitter's login to be a single sign on for my site so thats why
im directing them to the authorization page still. I wanted to be able
to check if i had the access token in the db before requesting a new
one just because it seems cleaner, but the only method is just
rerequesting it seems atm. Thanks.

On Oct 23, 6:13 am, ryan alford <ryanalford...@gmail.com> wrote:
> If you already have an access token for that user, then you don't need
> to send them to the authorization page.
> You cannot get the username and password they just put into the
> authorization page.
> If you want the username that they entered into the authorization
> page, when you request the access token, the username is returned as
> one of the Http headers.
> On Oct 23, 2009, at 5:33 AM, shawninreach <shawninre...@gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > On the callback page im trying to figure out a way to differenciate
> > when a user logged in but already has an access token before
> > requesting another one. Most of the methods use the verifycredentials
> > method to make sure you have access to, but you dont know what the
> > user's name is before you call that and you need the access token to
> > do so.
> > Login through twitter -> callback app (since they just logged in and
> > didnt allow the app i must already have the access token in the db)
> > Login through twitter -> allow access since he/she is registering to a
> > new app -> retrieve access store and login since they did not have an
> > access token before.
> > Or on login just rerequest the access token and restore it, which isnt
> > a problem, just seems that there may be a different way to do it.

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