Hi Paul,

I asked similar questions to these in the IRC channel when Marcel (@noradio)
was in there answering questions.  The answers I got: If someone has added
you to a list, and you want off, you need to block the list owner.  If you
then unblock the list owner, you remain off the list until/unless they add
you again.  If you block them before they add you, they can't add you.

There's no other way - api or otherwise - that you can remove yourself.
 This discussion took place a few days ago.  It wouldn't surprise me if
Twitter does add a friendlier way to remove yourself from lists in the



On Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 10:46 PM, Paul Kinlan <paul.kin...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Guys,
> This isn't technically an API issue but a usage issue of the new to arrive
> Lists API.
> Retweets (outside of the API) have had an issue where by it is pretty easy
> to fake a users tweet, for instance someone could easily produce a tweet as
> a RT that I have never ever said:
> RT @PaulKinlan OMG Guess who is standing for parliament
>> http://somelinkto-a-rickroll.com
> Myself and a colleague have been talking about forgery/defamation through
> Twitter lists, for instance, if someone didn't like me they could create a
> new user (or use their user), create a list of "Racists" and add me to that
> list, or something similar that would cause me to be associated with.  This
> list is listed in my profile when someone looks at me in the "Lists
> Following me"
> For example: http://twitter.com/PaulKinlan/example-list-of-bad-peeps (I
> will delete this soon), this will also be in @ev's profile
> http://twitter.com/ev/lists/memberships
> So just some quick questions:
> If I block a person, will they be able to add me to a list?
> If I block a person will I be removed from their lists they have generated?
> Without blocking a person, will I be able to remove myself from a list?
> Through the API we be able to remove ourselves from a lists?
> Cheers,
> Paul

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