I'm developing desktop Twitter application for Mac, targeting Japanese
I've recently implemented a feature to interface the official Twitter
Search API.
It came to my attention that there are several severe issues with the
current implementation of Twitter Search.

Firstly, many tweets posted by Japanese Twitterers are not being
indexed at all.
Yes, I have read the notice regarding missing tweets from the search
results. (http://help.twitter.com/forums/10713/entries/42646)
>From looking at several people I follow, about 50% of people are not
being indexed at all.
Actually, tweets were never indexed at all. Many of the other Japanese
developers have also noticed these issues.
I have tried using the "locale" option for the search API, but it
didn't help much.

Secondly, the operator to execute an exact phrase search (documented
at http://search.twitter.com/operators) does not work for Japanese
I'm not sure if it's supposed to work with the API though.
This issue is annoying, because search results returned from a query
containing Japanese characters seems to return very fuzzy results.
I get very irrelevant results, and even find it difficult to figure
out why it even matched at all.

I consider Twitter Search to be the major feature of Twitter, and I
think correcting these issues will make Twitter much better web
service for Japanese people.

Thank you.

-- Aki

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