The signature parameter should be the last parameter. It should not be
sorted with the other parameters.


On Oct 28, 2009, at 1:14 AM, whomba <> wrote:

> Hello all.  I just recently started using the twitter API and oAuth
> for a site I am working on.  After wrapping my head around oAuth
> things seemed to be going well.  Out of the 12 components of the
> library i am using, 8 worked right off the bat. Unfortunately, methods
> where I change the URL, then post to it seem to be breaking, resulting
> an invalid signature response.  I am able to successfully post a new
> status, get timelines and grab direct messages, so I am fairly
> confident that my oAuth lib is working
> my URL is constructed as follows (replaced the '&' with new lines for
> readiblity):
> [POST-ing]
> oauth_consumer_key=Y6AmNZPU23AOQLwCSmevQ
> oauth_nonce=ret3uSMFONY
> oauth_signature=QBzS8c51wJE6KuHG8XjlmrzL2Ko%3D
> oauth_signature_method=HMAC-SHA1
> oauth_timestamp=1256668802
> oauth_token=83934696-9mlDot0sC1YbL2907BopkexMJwAFR8WdZojMJCmC1
> oauth_version=1.0
> This results in the aforementioned error.  Am I suppose to use a
> different URL when I encode it?
> I appreciate the assistance, this is my first time working with oAuth,
> and I am a still a bit fuzy.

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