I'm having the same issue... but mine is even for users who have
public accounts. I'm following 55 users, and only getting 2 results
back with an authenticated API call.

On Oct 21, 9:36 am, Frank Mertz <fm4...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Dear all,
> recently I experience long delays (several hours) until a new status
> offriendsappears in the response of a statuses/friendscall. The
> users/show call for thesefriendsalready delivers the new tweet. This
> behavior can be observed for a large number of users, however, only
> forfriendswith protected status. Forfriendswith public statuses,
> these are always shown directly in the response. Even more strangely,
> sometimes statuses/friendsalready delivers the new status in the JSON
> response, but not in the XML response, or vice versa.
> I filed an issue on this behavior several days ago (http://
> code.google.com/p/twitter-api/issues/detail?id=1121) and would be
> interested if others are having problems with this as well. Also, any
> information on when this might be fixed would be highly appreciated.
> Thank you very much and kind regards,
> Frank

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