I'm experiencing the same. Empty results from the Search API when
using the since_id parameter.

This is really bad and my users are complaining about the Saved
Searches tabs not updating.

If you're lucky you end up at a caching server with up-to-date
information, but it seems as if you can't force using that caching

Please let us know if this can be fixed easily.

Ole / Gravity Twitter Client for S60/Symbian

s...@mobileways.de / @janole on Twitter

On 26 Okt., 20:47, briantroy <brian.cosin...@gmail.com> wrote:
> 1) Since late last week I've noticed a significant number of 403
> errors (403 Error from JSON: since_id too recent, poll less
> frequently). These usually indicate I'm hitting a server with an
> "older" view of thesearchindex - since it thinks the ID I sent in
> since_id is newer than the newest it has. These trouble me because
> when I get a 200 after the 403 sometimes I get everything back to my
> since_id, sometimes I don't. I appears some indexes have gaps until
> they catch up.
> QUESTION: Are there any ongoingsearchindexing issues that you are
> aware of?
> 2) Since late last week I've noticed that somesearchAPI requests
> appear to get "stuck" returning an empty json result (no new tweets).
> This can go on for HOURS (today one got stuck like this for 12 hours).
> When I restart my process sometimes this clears up (I get the backlog)
> - other times it does not (I continue to get 0 tweets in the json).
> All of the requests return HTTP 200 and valid json.
> QUESTION: Are they any ongoing caching issues with thesearchAPI?
> These issues are new in the last 7 days (since about last Thursday).
> My IP is whitelisted. I'm sending both a valid user agent and referrer
> header. My processes are throttled by the volume of tweets the
> receive. I've made no changes to my processing since late September.
> Any assistance would be appreciated. My user's are comparing what they
> see from my service tosearch.twitter.com and telling me we are
> broken.
> Regards,
> Brian Roy
> justSignal

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