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(if this discussion has already been covered, please refer me to the
proper post - did a search, but couldn't find it)

At this moment, there are just two levels of access an application can
acquire for an account. Read and/or Write. And it's all controlled by
the application builder. While this is really easy, I - as application
builder - actually feel that I'm getting way too much power over each
user's Twitter account once they have connected their Twitter to their
local account.

Are there any plans, and if so, what is the schedule, to change this
into more categories. When registering an application, I could imagine
that I would have to select what kind of access the application
requires. A few examples:

Most limited:"Receive username and public timeline information"
More extended: "Read all account information" (including email

Several catagories of write-access:
 - Post to timeline
 - Update profile
 - Update image
 - Create/delete friendships (possibly even limited to creating one
follower, being the owner of the application)
 - Full

Especially websites which want to - mainly - offer sign-in through
Twitter, would absolutely have enough access - if they could just read
a bit of account info and post updates to the timeline, following
specific user actions on the site (post a comment, post an article,..

Additionally, I'd like to see a bit more power to the user. Since we
(@ilikealot) would like to be able to post an update to the timeline
when our users post new content ("likealots"), I checked the "Read
write" option. But any user who don't want their likealot to show up
on Twitter should still be able to login, and feel comfortable that
we're not ABLE to post any updates. This would extend the approval-box
on the user-end with the option: "Don't allow [application] to update
my status [, or account information]".


Wouter van Vliet

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