and how to read list memebers (just id's) without credential?
How to read list names for the particularly user without credential?

Twitter API (draft for lists) requires authentication here. E.g. with
this draft JSONP for lists is practically useless - how to pass
username/password there without exposing them clearly in the
javascript code.

On Oct 28, 10:25 pm, ryan alford <> wrote:
> You are not required.  I just used this API method without credentials.
> No credentials needed.  Some API methods do required you to be
> authenticated, but some do not.  You can view the methods 
> at     and it will tell
> you if you have to be authenticated to do the method.
> Ryan
> On Wed, Oct 28, 2009 at 3:17 PM, Abava <> wrote:
> > and why do we need user name+password just for reading something from
> > the public list? E.g. just read members id's, read statuses etc. Why
> > it is password protected?

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