Hi all,

I'm wondering if you have thought of addressing a use case that I've
run into and which I think is very important for twitter to support.

* I want my bot to be able to send private messages to followers that
appear in their stream but without them getting an email or SMS every

Use Cases:
1. For personalized recommenders, letting people subscribe to a stream
of their recommendations would be great.
2. The twitter equivalent of any private or obfuscated RSS feed.

Possible Solutions:
1. Have an "urgent" flag on DMs, set to true by default.
    Setting it to false would skip the email/SMS step and just put it
in their stream.

2. Have an API for creating new accounts programmatically (or some
kind of sub-accounts).
    Then I could create a new account with protected updates and only
let one user follow it.

3. Something custom?


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