I believe in that case the url is just truncated and gone. I believe
this only works when shortening it with bit.ly still wouldn't make the
tweet fewer than 140 characters. Though it seems unfortunate to lose
the url, in a sense you aren't missing data because *no one* gets that
url so ultimately it doesn't really exist :)

I'd imagine this is fairly rare, yes? I'd recommend just giving up and
skipping the tweet if the url isn't fully formed.

On Mon, Nov 2, 2009 at 6:51 AM, Adam Green <a...@vibemetrix.com> wrote:
> I'm extracting URLs from tweets, and some of them are truncated at the
> end of a tweet. The URL ends up as something like http://domain...
> I can't find anything in the API that will let me get the full URL, so
> I assume it is lost. Is this correct, or is there some trick to get
> back the entire URL before truncation?

Marcel Molina
Twitter Platform Team

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