We're unlikely to offer a sampled stream of Geo Tagged statuses in the
near future.

It doesn't make much sense for us to filter the existing sampled
streams further to include only those that are Geo Tagged, as the
client could do this work to the same end result. If we offered
another public stream of samples that included Geo Tagged statuses at
the same rate as the existing sampled feeds, we'd be, in aggregate,
exposing more data, and everyone would just be better off if we simply
increased the sampling rate on the existing streams.

-John Kalucki
Services, Twitter Inc.

On Nov 3, 1:52 am, Scott Wilcox <sc...@tig.gr> wrote:
> Thought so! Is it something you're thinking of implementing at any  
> stage?
> On 3 Nov 2009, at 01:52, Raffi Krikorian wrote:
> > hi scott.
> > unfortunately, not currently.  right now you need to filter through  
> > the statuses to see ones that have a populated geo tag.
> >> Hi Folks,
> >> After seeing Kal's post earlier, I  was wondering its its possible to
> >> filter a set of statuses only to be returned if they have geodata
> >> (other statuses aren't useful to me for this project). Is this  
> >> possible?

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