Does Air not support REST properly?  For an application to be RESTful
it should support GET, POST, PUT and DELETE

On Nov 3, 2:14 pm, Cameron Kaiser <> wrote:
> > It there any method to delete user from list other then using DELETE
> > method?
> > Since I am using Flex (but not Air) to develop third party Twitter
> > Client, There are no way to call "DELETE" (which only GET and POST).
> > So, will twitter provide POST or GET method API to "delete"? Thanks
> I'd like to second this (I asked for it a while back, but never heard
> anything). There are other environments where DELETE may not be possible
> to issue as a method. Since the other API deletion methods offer POST as
> a stub to delete, I think it would be orthogonal to offer it here too.
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