Is the posted status similar to any other status created by that user?

Does the above imply that similar will trigger the dup detector?


Please don't tell me that you're now rejecting similar tweets....

Url shorteners can easily generate similar urls, so if someone is in
the habit of tweeting "check this out" followed by a shortened url,
the tweet text is likely to be similar even though the actual url is

Heck, urls that are similar often point to very different web pages.

There are lots of other cases where similar tweets can actually be
very different, and thus should not be rejected as "duplicates".
(I've heard of a project that tweets data that is guaranteed to be
unique but is reasonably likely to be similar because of aggressive

as noted by other people on this list, twitter is currently rejecting tweets that match either your last update, or an update you recently sent. unfortunately, the API is currently silently failing but it is on the short list to have the API return an error code instead.

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